Money Affirmations REALLY Work!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on money affirmations and whether or they really work in helping you reach your financial goals.  It is a proven fact that what we think and repeat to ourselves either out loud or in our heads, affect our beliefs and our abilities.  For instance, if we are constantly telling ourselves that we can’t do something; that becomes our reality.  On the flip side if we tell ourselves that we can do something, we usually can.  The problem is many of us don’t even realize that we are repeating these self-depreciating things to ourselves, because they happen, automatically and unconsciously.  However, even though, we don’t realize we are repeating these “negative” affirmations almost constantly, they still have a huge negative effect on how we live our lives and what we are able to accomplish.

Many people turn to some type of therapy to help them change this unconscious but detrimental behavior.  Some have used meridian tapping, meditation, affirmations and the like.  These methods can not only help you start to recognize the subconscious thoughts, but also help you change them to more positive statements.  If you are trying to attain your financial goals money affirmations are a great way to help you change your internal self talk around money.

One of the big reasons why we sabotage ourselves around money is because deep down we don’t believe that we deserve to have financial freedom.  That’s not to say that we don’t desperately want it, but that’s why we can’t figure out how to achieve it.  This is mainly because we consistently sabotage our own efforts.  As a result, we live out our self fulfilling prophecies, suffering one failure after the other.  And unless we figure out what is causing us to be continually frustrated and take steps to change the negative chatter in our heads we will never overcome and never find success.

Now don’t get depressed.  The reality is that it is very possible to change these thoughts.  Many people have been successful in doing so.  I am living proof that if you can make even the slightest progress in changing your constant negative self speak, you can see pretty immediate change.

What I didn’t say earlier, when I wrote the previous post on money affirmations,  is I pulled out an old affirmation that I had saved a few years ago.  I decided to start using it everyday several times. The affirmation that I started using was:

“My name is Janiece Thompson and I am rich.  I know that $10,000 in new money already exists; I simply don’t know where it is.  Please come to me by way of people and opportunity and prove yourself to me.  I am POWER! I am PROSPERITY! I release the need to know from where or when, I just know that $10,000 already exist and I am now calling that to me now calling that to me now, in my life. Thank You.”

A couple of weeks after I started saying this money affirmation, I earned several hundred dollars online.  This is not the first time that I’ve used this affirmation and that I’ve actually earned money as a result.

You may be thinking, “Well that doesn’t prove anything, you probably would have made the money anyway” and you may be right.   You are entitled to your opinion.  However, I believe that putting a stop to negative self talk that most of us experience will help us change our behavior and as a result allow us to reach our goal.  Plus, as I mentioned above, this is not the first time that I’ve used successfully used money affirmations.  I also believe that earning the money I did was a result of me doing some things right.  Money affirmations helped me believe that it is possible.  So, as a result, I am more consistent in completing the tasks that I need to complete to actually earn money.  The money didn’t just magically appear, but I was able to earn it as a result of my consistency and determination.  As a result, I did not give up when I ran into a glitch.  I believed it so, I worked to make it happen.

Money Affirmations work very well and they are used everyday by people who are living their financial dreams.  You too can find the motivation to do the work you need to do in order to reach your financial goals.  You can put aside all the negative thoughts that plague your mind and that keep you from taking the necessary steps to be successful.  You can find the determination and work through obstacles instead of quitting when you run into a problem.  There are many things that a business owner must do in order to be successful.  Many people think it is just about tangible things like having enough investment money or having a good website.  The most successful business owners also realize that it’s also about cultivating the right “mindset”.  Without it success may never come and if it does, it will be almost impossible to hang on to.

Below are some suggested resources that you can use to help you stop the negative chatter and reach your financial goals or any other goal that you wish to attain.


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