Cloud2x2 – A Closer Look At The Cloud2x2 Compensation Plan

If you’ve read my blog in the last few weeks, you know that Cloud2x2 recently launched and when I reviewed it before, I did a brief overview of the key components of the company.  Today, I am going to discuss the compensation plan in detail.

The cost to join this program is $125 one time fee.  When you add the processing fee, you will pay a total of $135.

The Cloud2x2 compensation plan is built on a 2 x 2 matrix.

Cloud 2x2 Matrix

The 2×2 matrix has 3 levels with you at the top.  The quickest way to fill this type of matrix is to recruit tow people who then recruit two.  Once this is done, the matrix is full.  When the matrix is full it then splits into two different matrices and the two people who were on the second level are not at the top of their own matrices.  So, when you come in on the bottom row, you must cycle  three matrices in order to cycle completely off and earn your commission.

Each member cycles five different boards and earn progressively higher commissions each time they cycle.  The boards are as follows:

Silver Board – entry into next board and 1 e-pin*
Gold Board – $500 and entry in to next board
Emerald Board – entry into next board and $1000
Ruby Board – $2000 and entry into the next board
Diamond Board – $7000 and re-entry into the 5th board

*e-pins are worth the cost of 1 membership fee

Once the member reaches the last board each cycle will result in a re-entry into the 5th board and $7000 commission.  In order to reach the 5th board and earn your first $7000 check, you need 75 people to join under you.  This is if you enter your first board at in the first position on the left.  The higher you enter your first board, the less people you need.

Cloud2x2 Compensation Plan

Every person that you bring in starts on the Silver Board, so, as you push yourself through the boards, you also help push your team members.

Every time you get a signup, you will get $25 fast start bonus and 10% bonus each time your sponsored member cycles a board.

In order to earn commissions, each member has to qualify.  In order to qualify on the silver board, members must get at least one direct signup.  Once you qualify at this level you will earn your e-pin when you cycle.

Members also need to qualify on the gold board.  In order to qualify, the members’ direct signup must follow them to the gold board before they cycle.  Once this happens you are qualified.  At this point you no longer need to qualify for the remaining boards.

The Cloud2x2 compensation plan also has a jump feature.  If a member is not qualified, and a lower member is qualified the lower member will jump the unqualified higher member to the higher position and move closer to cycling.  So, in effect, unqualified member may end up stuck until they are qualified.

Lastly, every time a board is filled, the person at the top cycles to the next level.  Then everybody else moves up a level.  The two people on the second level move to the top of two separate boards and the two people under them follow them.

This compensation plan offers a significant income possibility.  It also provides a system where whenever a new member is added to the boards they push everyone else.

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